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Wild Almaden

IBM Almaden is situated on about 700 acres, of which only 40 are developed. The remainder is wild, and has everything up to and including mountain lions. Adjacent wildlands include Santa Teresa County Park (1680 acres), IBM Santa Teresa Lab (1180 acres) and other private property (1000 acres). The site has been certified as a corporate wildlife habitat by the Wildlife Council, a nonprofit organization. 

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Arial view of Almaden siteWild Mustard flowers( 39K +  75K bytes)


Project Bluebird

Male Western Bluebird on nest boxMale Western BluebirdNewborn Western Bluebirds( 25K +  40K+  69K bytes)

House Wren Chicks

House Wren chicks(469K bytes)


California Quail( 24K bytes)


Momma OwlBaby OwlBaby Owl and foster father
Owl Release 1Owl Release 2Owl Release 3

( 22K +  32K+  24K + 19K +  21K + 6.6K bytes)


Red-Tailed Hawk and Golden Eagle Red-Tailed Hawk "mobbing" (harassing) a Golden Eagle (357K bytes)

Baby KestrelBaby KestrelJuvenile Kestrel, just fledged. Kestrels 
( 34K +  48K +  22K bytes)



Mountain Lions

Mountain Lion track( 46K bytes)



Wild Mustard flowers( 75K bytes)

Photos by Chuck Tribolet, Digital image processing was done under OS/2 using ColorWorks V2 (tm) by SPG

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