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Male Western Bluebird on nest box

Male Western Bluebird on nest box
This is a male Western Bluebird sitting on one of the 72 bluebird boxes at IBM Almaden Research center. Note that bird is banded. Since most of the bluebird chicks born in our boxes are banded, there's a very good chance this bird was born here. 

Female Western Bluebirds are much less colorful than the males. 

Photo by Chuck Tribolet, using a Nikon 300 mm lens, a Nikon 1.6x doubler, and a Nikon SLR body on Kodak Lumiere 100X (LPZ) slide film. They were scanned with a Nikon CoolScan. Digital image processing was done under OS/2 using ColorWorks V2 (tm) by SPG

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