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IBM Research - Almaden

Almaden Research Center

Technology Licensing

Technology licensing is a key element in our value creation strategy and a source of significant mutual benefits for IBM Research Division and its external partners. Many of the technologies in the Almaden Projects section of this site are available for license and integration into your own company's products or services. Please also visit Licensable Technologies for highlights on several technologies for which we are actively seeking external commercialization partners. If leveraging IBM innovations can help you achieve reduced time-to-market, lowered development costs, or other competitive advantages, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs. To further explore these possibilities, please contact our Business Development team.

Emerging Software Technologies from IBM alphaWorks
IBM's alphaWorks offers a broad range of software technologies, including many from Research Division, which are available for trial at the earliest stages of development. In addition, early adopters have access to a virtual collaborative community to learn more about the uses of a particular technology and opportunities for commercial use.

Licensing IBM Patents and Other Intellectual Property
If you believe your business could be enhanced by access to IBM's broad portfolio of patents and other forms of intellectual property, please contact our Intellectual Property and Licensing team. Their website highlights our patent portfolio as well as licensing practices, and provides contact information for inquiries via e-mail and regular mail.

External Submissions to IBM
If you wish to submit for consideration an idea, patent, technology, or business proposal relating to IBM products and services, please see our External Submissions website. It describes our process for considering external submissions and will provide a single point of contact through which to determine if IBM has an interest in your submission. Please note that all external submissions must be made on a non-confidential basis and are handled electronically.

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