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IBM Research - Almaden

Almaden Research Center

License Agreement

IBM Research license agreements are customized to meet the unique needs of our licensees. We establish license agreements both for early-stage and evolved technologies and maintain a commitment to flexibility in many of the major provisions of our agreements.

Our VAR and OEM licenses are typically structured as non-exclusive royalty-bearing agreements, with an initial payment due upon IBM?s delivery of the technology to the licensee. These agreements may include, as deliverables, prototype software or hardware; designs or design methodologies; technology transfer support services; patent and trade secret use rights; and other related assets.

Our enterprise end-user licenses are also non-exclusive agreements and generally are structured to include an annual renewable or one-time perpetual use license fee, often with an option for limited support (typically 8x5 rather than 24x7) from the technologists who created the asset.

As IBM Research technologies are not IBM products, they are licensed under somewhat different terms and made available on an as-is basis, without warranty or indemnification provisions of any kind. Within this general framework, the ARC business and technical team will work with you to structure a licensing arrangement that supports your business objectives, schedule needs, and other requirements.

If you would like to explore the possibility of licensing ARC technology, please contact the ARC Business Development team to arrange an exploratory discussion, which may include members of our research staff. An exploratory discussion is customarily treated as a non-confidential dialogue and may be followed by subsequent discussions under an IBM Confidential Disclosure Agreement, should one be required. We look forward to working with you to better understand your technology needs.

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