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James Gosling

Audio Excerpt

Bringing Behavior to the Internet
James Gosling
Distinguished Engineer
Sun Microsystems
HotJava is yet another web browser. A traditional web browser understands many protocols and data formats. The code to support these is tied together in one big lump. In contrast, HotJava understands no protocols or data formats. It understands how to dynamically link code from elsewhere on the net into its address space in a manner that is safe from "viruses", has good performance, and is architecture-neutral. HotJava uses the names of things, like protocols, to derive names for classes that it links in dynamically. One extension to web browsing that we've added is the ability to attach code fragments to web pages, enabling interactive content. Pages can contain games, simulations, live data, and complex forms. This talk will cover what HotJava is and how it works.

User System Ergonomics Research (USER)
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