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Ramana Rao

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Visualization Revealed: Concepts One After Another Richly Arrayed
Ramana Rao
Xerox PARC
While Information Visualization (IV) has become all the rage in research during the 90's, the impact from this work has been more illusive. In the last eight years, our research has explored the application of the interactive graphics and animation technology (2-d and 3-d) to visualizing and making sense of large information sets. For example, we have devised a number of Focus + Context Techniques, which blend detailed views of interactive operators for, say, exploring patterns and isolating outliers. An overview of our general approach and a tour of visualizations, a series of ideas that underly the surface of the research. These ideas collectively suggest to me that visualization is a central ingredient for building the kind of rich information workspaces that has been sought for decades, since Memex in systems like Augment, Star, NoteCards, and the Macintosh.

User System Ergonomics Research (USER)
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