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Fourth Annual NPUC Workshop
August 22, 1996

Bullet Welcome Address
Ashok Chandra
Director, IBM Computer Science Research
Speaker Audio Excerpt
Bullet NPUC '95 Speakers Round Table
Bullet Agents and Desktops on the Web
Ted Selker
USER System Ergonomics Lab, IBM Research - Almaden
Bullet Standards, the Net and All That
Dr. Larry Masinter
Principle Scientist
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Bullet Changing in Internet Time
Martin Haeberli
Director of Technology
Netscape Communications Company
Bullet DistributÚ, SÚcuritÚ, CommunautÚ
Doug Crockford
Electric Communities
Bullet Generalized Links, Micropayment and Transcopyright
Ted Nelson
KIEO University
Bullet Internet for Things that Think
Ed Fredkin
Bullet Computers as Social Actors
Clifford Nass
Stanford University
Bullet NPUC '96 Speaker Panel Discussion

User System Ergonomics Research (USER)
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