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Douglas Crockford
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Distributé, Sécurité, Communauté
Doug Crockford
Electric Communities


The concept of Intellectual Property and its manifestation in law is a direct consequence of technology. Technology tends to advance well ahead of the law, leaving the industries that were created by the interaction of technology and IP law in a bind. We will examine the history of technology and IP law as it relates to the music industry. The characteristics of a distributed and secure information marketplace is described. The interactive potential of the Net can transform the producer/consumer relationship into a richer community which can incent the creation of music and other products.


Doug Crockford is CEO of Electric Communities. Before founding Electric Communities, he served as Director of New Media at Paramount. He was Director of Technology and Lucasfilms/Lucasarts and was a researcher at Atari’s Sunnyvale Research Laboratory. Doug is one of the world’s leaders in the design of office automation systems, interactive movies, digital home entertainment, digital production tools, location-based entertainment, educational software, computer games, computer music and theme park attractions. Doug holds a degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University.

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