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Ed Fredkin
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Internet for Things that Think
Ed Fredkin

One way or another, almost all information on the Internet has people as its source and destination. Imagine a Machine Internet (MI) for machines to communicate with each other. MI would provide machines the same kind of functionality the Internet provides for people. Manufacturers, designers and machines (airplanes, power plants, motors) would use MI to communicate on this network. This would transfer the onerous duties of updating maintenance procedures, power up cycles, etc. from people to machines. Security and standardization crucial. This internet will allow equipment to be maintained and upgraded to standards unimaginable with todayís localized notion of information. MI can avoid many kinds of disasters and provide the opportunity to allow humans to focus on higher level issues.


Ed Fredkin, CEO, RADNET, Mr. Fredkin founded Information International Inc. and has served as the CEO of a diverse set of companies, including Information International Inc., Three Rivers Computer Corporation, New England Television Corporation (then Bostonís Channel 7, a CBS affiliate) and others. Mr. Fredkin is also responsible for the notion of memory slopping in operating systems and other fundamental discoveries in computer science. His academic career includes a period as Director of the MIT Laboratory of Computer Science, and professorships at MIT, BU and CMU.

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