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Martin Haeberli
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Changing in Internet Time
Martin Haeberli
Director of Technology
Netscape Communications Company


The Internet, as a platform for real and potential innovations in collaboration and communications technologies, serves as a sort of meta-infrastructure for change. We will explore and discuss some of the reasons why, the implications and the possibilities this creates.


Director of Technology, Netscape Communications Corp. Defining and shaping Netscape’s technology strategies, with Marc Andreessen. Hired by Steve Jobs to lead custom chip development for the Macintosh. Defined Memory Manager APIs and wrote original Memory Manager for Mac ROMs. Co-wrote MacTerminal. Championed to do a TCP/IP implementation at Apple. Developed Apple’s first direct, “bits for bucks” electronic commerce pilot. Designed VLSI and Software at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and Xerox Advanced Systems Division.

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