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Larry Masinter
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Full Text Transcript

Standards, the Net and All That
Dr. Larry Masinter
Principle Scientist
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

ABSTACT This talk will explore the goals of performance and reliability of the development of standards, and some of the design problems around it. Examples will be taken from my experiences with Common Lisp and with web standards. I will discuss the process and reflect on the role of standards organizations in the world. I will also focus on how system design needs to take into account politics, economics, and social issues today.


Larry Masinter is a principal scientist at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. His interests focus on document management, digital libraries and the World Wide Web. Hes chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force group working on the HTTP protocol. Hes also a contributor to the development of document management interfaces and standards and in the application of network technologies to digital libraries. Dr. Masinter received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University and was a recipient of the 1992 ACM Software System Award for his work on the Interlisp programming environment.

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