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Ted Nelson
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Generalized Links, Micropayment and Transcopyright
Ted Nelson
KIEO University

The World Wide Web is like karaoke - anyone can do it. But it is a flashing arcade of changing shop windows, a foam of ever-popping bubbles. What we still need are stable publishing links that can be followed in both directions, a variety of link types, a micropayment system for buying small parts of documents at a time for very small amounts of money, a copyright system permitting republishing of unrestricted quotations, and a way for documents to change without invalidating connections to them. These are the persistent goals of Project Xanadu; our new methods turn our old methods inside-out for today's Internet environment.


Ted Nelson is a professor at KIEO university in Fujisawa, Japan. Nelson is a software writer and designer who has been pursuing a universal digital media since 1960. He is best known for coining the terms "hypertext" and "hypermedia" in 1965 and predicted a vast and anarchitistical network of published data. The Web is beginning to look this way.

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