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Ted Selker
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Agents and Desktops on the Web
Ted Selker
USER System Ergonomics Lab, IBM Almaden Reserach Center

The invention of the ball-point pen allowed writing on any surface. Its introduction allowed us to write with ink while standing in a crowd and to simplify our office desktops. Work often represents the ability to focus and concentrate while keeping relevant information on-hand and coming in. As technology continues to evolve, our approach to concentrating will change as well. How can we arrange to notice and work with people and documents that represent opportunities?

This talk will focus on Room With a View, Web Browser Intelligence and other physical and agent approaches to creating the tools that will replace pen, paper, and desks.


Dr. Ted Selker is an IBM Fellow. He works on cognitive, graphical and physical interface. Ted teaches at Stanford, and previously worked at Xerox PARC and Atari Sunnyvale Research Laboratory. Ted is known for the design of the "TrackPoint III" in keyboard pointing device with performance advantages derived from a special behavioral/motor match algorithm, creating the "COACH", adaptive agent that improves user performance shipping this Fall in OS2, and the design of the 755CV notebook computer that doubles as an LCD projector.

USER System Ergonomics Research Lab
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