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Fifth Annual NPUC Workshop
Thursday, July 24, 1997

Bullet Relationships,Things and Communication
Ted Selker
USER System Ergonomics Lab, IBM Almaden Reserach Center
Bullet Mental Models and Game Play
Will Wright
Chief Designer
Maxis, Inc.
Bullet Learning Platform Evolution
Jim Spohrer
Distinguished Scientist
Learning Communities Group, Apple Computer
Bullet Agents: from Pandemonium to ... whither?
Oliver Selfridge
Bullet Information Appliances: Less is More (More or Less)
Bill Buxton
Head User Interface Research, Wavefront/Alias
Chief Scientist, Silicon Graphics Inc.
Bullet Perspective for Design in the Near Future
Richard Sapper
Industrial Designer
Kunstakademie, Stuttgart

Bamba Getvivo

User System Ergonomics Research (USER)
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