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Information Appliances: Less is More (More or Less)
Bill Buxton
Head User Interface Research, Wavefront/Alias
Chief Scientist, Silicon Graphics Inc.

In the physical world, when we walk through the workspaces of various professionals, there is a marked difference in the tools used. Nobody would confuse a painter's shop with that of a mechanic, or that of an accountant. But when we consider computer-based tools, does this still hold true? If you wandered through an animation house, for example, I would argue that from 10 feet distance you could not tell the difference between the tools used by the accountant, secretary, character animator, cell painter or modeller.


Bill Buxton is a computer scientist specializing in human aspects of technology, human-computer interaction (especially human input to computer systems), and computer supported collaborative work (Telepresence). He is head of User Interface Research at Alias/Wavefront Inc., a division of Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), Chief Scientist for SGI, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Buxton began his career in music, having done a Bachelor of Music degree at Queen’s University. His early work in designing and using computer-based tools for music composition and performance is what led him into the area of human-computer interaction. In addition to his university research, Buxton had a strong connection to industry and applied work. In particular, he had a long association with to Xerox PARC as a consulting research scientist. In 1995, Buxton became the third recipient of the Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society Award for contributions to research in computer graphics and human-computer interaction.

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