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Jim Spohrer

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Learning Platform Evolution
Jim Spohrer
Distinguished Scientist
Learning Communities Group, Apple Computer


Platform evolution from standalone to networked to mobile computers has broad implications for how we learn. I’ll describe this evolution, and propose the creation of a planetary whiteboard for the twenty-first century, a Wireless WorldBoard. With meter accuracy positioning, global wireless communication, and wearable displays it becomes possible to put information in its place. Learning in context outside classrooms will flourish. Ball parks will teach the physics of curve balls, beaches will teach ecology, the night sky will teach astronomy, and nature trails will teach about plants and rocks. Our notion of place will be changed.


Jim Spohrer is a Distinguished Scientist in Apple’s Learning Communities Group. He has publications and patents in the areas of learning architectures, authoring tools, empirical studies of programmers, speech recognition, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. He received his B.S. in Physics from MIT, and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale.

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