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Power Booster
Adaptive Power Management for mobile hard disk drives

IBM 2.5-inch mobile hard disk drives are equipped with self-power management capability, Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender, to better manage power usage and drain on batteries. Now, with a new enhancement offered by the IBM, code-named Power Booster, mobile users can gain control of the power usage modes and maximize their hard drive performance, and thus, increase battery life. This utility allows mobile users to self-select from several performance modes depending on their needs.

For example, a mobile user on a six-hour airplane flight might choose to select a Power Booster mode that will allow maximum battery life, while a user working for a half-hour on a multimedia presentation may opt for maximum hard drive performance and not be as concerned with battery life during that session, so that user might select a performance mode. Power Booster automatically verifies whether a system is using batteries or is connected to a power source.

Download Power Booster utility

White paper: Adaptive Power Management for Mobile Hard Disk Drives

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