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IBM Research
Almaden's 20th Anniversary

Open House Project Demonstrations

May 31, 2006

During the Open House portion of the afternoon, several of Almaden's research projects will be set up as interactive demonstrations in the cafeteria dining area. Visitors are invited to come and explore some of the cutting-edge work being done at ARC.

Some of the activities have been specially designed to engage our younger visitors!

Planned demonstrations include:

For more details about a demonstration, select one of the links above.

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Interoperable Healthcare Information Infrastructure

In this demo of the IBM Interoperable Healthcare Information Infrastructure we will show an example of how a user of a personal health record application could exchange health record documents with a standards based shared infrastructure operated, for example, by a Regional Healthcare Information Organization (RHIO). We will also show an animation of the many operations a backend infrastructure must perform to support exchange of electronic health records (EHRs). The same infrastructure required for EHRs can also support requirements of public health. We will provide one or two examples of services that will be available for public health agencies to visualize and forecast the course of emerging infectious disease in a population.

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