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IBM Research
Almaden's 20th Anniversary

Images of Almaden

May 31, 2006

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Evening view of the lobby View of Lab from north hill Moonrise Crabapple blossoms Between the wings View of the lobby View of lab from north in spring 1986 Dedication Watercolor Walkway from the parking lot Cattle Cam Springtime view of the lab from mustard field Western Bluebird and birdhouse Arial view of the lab Great Horned Owl atop C-wing in 1996 Biannual Campout between D & E wings Shooting Star Snow in March 2006 Sunset Goldfields and ARC Compass Rose at ARC Entrance 1998 Fire 1998 Fire ARC Entrance Between the wings View in spring from the North Almaden Summer Rainbow seen from Almaden hillside Almaden from Quicksilver Park Barn owl released from ARC - August 2005 Sunset at 2004 campout ARC and wildflowers Wild turkeys Barn owlets - 2006 Barn owlet - 2006

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