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Almaden's 20th Anniversary

About the Anniversary Logo

May 31, 2006

The artwork for Almaden's 20th Anniversary celebration was created by Kevin Roche of Science and Technology.

At its center is the integral sign (∫). The integral is one of the fundamental operations of calculus, and as such, has applications in almost all areas of research today, including computer science, mathematics, and experimental or theoretical work in physics, chemistry or the life sciences. As used in the anniversary graphic, it can be read as representing the grand total of 20 years of innovation, from 1986 to 2006, and all the derivative works resulting from that innovation.

In addition to its mathematical connotations, the integral lends a rake (angle) to the entire design, representing Almaden's continued motion and progress into the future and continued innovation.

Almaden Research Center 20th Anniversary

And finally, the bottom line, a small iconic representation of the Almaden facility with the hills behind it, with the logotype "IBM Research - Almaden" beside it, hearkens back to early years here at the Almaden facility, when that icon and logotype could be found emblazoned on almost every communication that originated from the facility, including our website. Today the Almaden website is part of the global IBM web presence and hence that icon is much less frequently seen. The artist felt the 20th anniversary was an appropriate time to give it some renewed exposure.

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