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IBM Research
Almaden's 20th Anniversary

Tours Scheduled During the Celebration

May 31, 2006

Ever wonder what goes on behind all those putty-colored doors in the laboratory wings?

As part of Almaden's 20th Anniversary celebration, a few of the researchers will be revealing the mysteries inside their labs!

From 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., the following tours will be available:

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Photo of the SpinAps PLD-TEON deposition system

Tour of the SpinAps PLD-TEON Laboratory

Room D1-253
Tour lasts about 15 minutes
Tours at 3:00 pm, 3:20 pm, and 3:40 pm

The researchers in SpinAps (The IBM-Stanford Spintronics Science and Applications Center) are working to expand our understanding of and ability to harness exotic spintronics and quantum materials.

Until recently, the materials they could work with were limited to those that could be grown by sputter deposition processes. Trying to combine techniques for non-sputtered materials in the same chamber as the sputtering techniques met with limited success, and still didn't offer enough combinations for more exotic experiments.

Now, the SpinAps team at Almaden is developing a unique deposition and analysis tool, the PLD-TEON Multimode Deposition System, in which the different techniques are split into separate chambers connected by a one-of-a-kind robot. The tour will include a walkaround of the PLD-TEON laboratory and a demonstration of some of its capabilities.

More details about the PLD-TEON Multimode Deposition Tool

The new tool, which combines sputtering processes with PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition), TEON (Thermal Evaporation of Oxides and Nitrides) and other advanced techniques, will allow study and development of many more exotic spin-engineered thin films for spintronics and quantum materials research.

The PLD-TEON chamber separates those different processes into multiple chambers, so each may be deployed in an optimum environment. A one-of-a-kind central robot transports samples back and forth between those chambers so "spin-engineered" materials may be constructed from multiple layers grown on demand. The robot can also pass the samples to and from a built-in surface analysis chamber, or a "load lock" that allows operators to remove/insert wafers without interrupting the operation of the other chambers.

When all the chambers are fully deployed, over 50 different component materials will be available for combination into a single spin-engineered multilayer sample!

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