Alien Evidence

Alien "Art"-ifacts!

We have discovered more evidence of an alien presence at CattleCam!

It has come to our attention that many of you still aren't conviced of an alien presence at CattleCam. While it is beyond belief that previous photographic evidence is not sufficient, we have continued to dig into this conspiracy for more concrete evidence.

These photos show alien artifacts discovered at CattleCam. These are clearly not items of human origin, as they share no common reference points with intelligent life as we know it. When we questioned the authorities at the Almaden Research Center, we were given another unbelievable cover story. They claim that these items are in fact "art", chosen by people from "New York". (Yeah. And Remulak is in France.) We think the evidence is compelling that this "Research Labratory" is merely a cover to hide an alien refueling station. You be the judge.

These artifacts were discovered on a ridge to the west of the lab. Clearly, these "chairs" were not designed for humans. Why do they face west? Perhaps they are observing the alien traffic over the Pacific? Is there a secret base in the Santa Cruz mountains? Or is it just where they relax during refueling?

Alien chairs

We found this metallic assembly in a concealed area on the eastern side of the labratory complex. It's origin and purpose are unkown to us. An expert from a local university has suggested that it is part of a docking unit, since there appears to be angled notch on one of the pieces. Clearly, no human would ever design something like this.

Metallic assembly

We found this item on a patio west of the lab. We were unable to determine its purpose until a recent trip to fraternity party in Oklahoma. Observing the antics of the pledges, the answer became apparent. After imbibing a few too many beverages, the pledges set upon a closet-sized building at an old farm, and tipped it on its side. The building collapsed, revelaving a structure with remarkable similarity to what we see below, only much smaller. We can only conclude that this item is the remains of an alien rest-stop facility which has been tipped on its side. The size compares well with the "chairs", discovered earlier, shown at the top of the page. Coincidence? We think not.

Alien facility

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