Alien Evidence

Alien sightings at CattleCam!

The dramatic photos shown below appear to show clear evidence of an alien presence at CattleCam. Judge for yourself.

This unbelievable image shows the aftermath of the mother ship crash on October 15, 1996. The impact must have occurred just on the far side of the ridge line, as is evidenced by the smoke plume.

An alien crash

Calls to the authorities resulted in the lame cover story of a "controlled burn." However this was likely a code referring the ship's attempt at re-entry.

Here we see two people observing the landing of the mother ship (note the use of protective eyewear). They were clearly identified in our original picture, but as you can see, someone has altered it!

An Alien Landing

Further evidence is provided by the frequent absence of cattle (B) and some unnatural rock formations (A).

Alien Evidence

In the picture below, you can see one of the cattle hiding behind a tree in an attempt to avoid abduction.

Cattle Abduction

One of the most dramatic pieces of evidence! This photo shows a mysterious pattern of lights, clearly moving at high speed in an unnatural fashion. Note the bright triangular formation in the center of the pattern. Need we say more?

Alien sighting

This page shows the importance of keeping CattleCam running 24 hours a day, as most alien abductions seem to occur in the dark. (Oddly enough, right after the bars close.)
Area 51 has nothing on us.

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