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7/13/1998: CattleCam Catches Fire! Alien origin suspected.

On the afternoon of July 13th, 1998 (Coincidence? We think not!) CattleCam captured a fire burning on the hillside. Fortunately, the cattle were saved, and are currently on a hillside out of view of CattleCam. Official word of the cause of the blaze has not been released, and it was only through the valiant efforts of local and state fire crews that saved CattleCam from carbonizing.
We at CattleCam express our sincerest thanks to the fire crews. However, we have our own theories on the origins of the blaze. Given that this site is world reknown for alien sightings, we feel there is a connection. We think it is apparent that an alien spacecraft carelessly emptied its ashtrays while hovering over the area during an attempt to abduct cattle. Evidently some of the plutonium butts were still a bit on the hot side, igniting the dry grass. There's nothing like a bunch of littering aliens to spoil your whole live cam. If you look closely, you'll see the fire crews mysteriously appear and disappear during the movie. Clear evidence of advanced transporter technology!
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More evidence of aliens.

11/14/1996: Wild pigs
11/4/1996: Turkeys!!
Notice: We here at CattleCam do not encourage the poaching of turkeys.
(Roasting, of course, is much better.)
(More turkeys in the Hall of Fame.)
9/5/1996: The window was washed! Of course, just before it rained, so now the window is dirty again.

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Viewers for the decoder challenged set are available. While they are all free, you may have some deeply emotional feelings about one vs. another, what with the various ongoing legal proceedings and executive personalties. We make no representation as to which is more politically correct for you.

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