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Is there alien activity at the Napoleon Camplex?

Alien activity here the Camplex

Alien sightings at the original CattleCam

Alien artifacts in the general vicinity

In addition to upgrading the imaging capabilities, we have also been hard at work uncovering further evidence of alien activity here at the Napoleon Camplex. The latest discoveries are covered on this page, where we present irrefutable evidence of alien activity. We will be adding more discoveries as they come in, so be sure to visit often.

A shocking discovery of the alien power source! While exploring the hillside during the day, we found a secret access panel in the ground, as shown in the picture below. It clearly indicates access to power source P-2. The center plate (enhanced view overlaid in lower left corner) indicates that "Confined Space" is the power source. We at the Camplex know of only one physical entity capable of confining space - black holes!

Confined Space

This is proof that the aliens use some form of black holes for their energy source. (The more accurate term for a black hole is "Confined Space-Time", but that would be too large to fit on the plate.) The requirement for obtaining a permit from safety (black holes are dangerous) and security (anyone inquiring will likely be detained) keep the curious out. We feel this technology could be used to solve the California energy crisis if made available.

The Camplex captured an actual refueling event in progress! You can clearly see a vapor cloud and the refueling apparatus just over the top of the hill.

Alien Refueling Operation

This event was highly unusual. The normal time for such operations is in the middle of night, to better conceal the activity. We can only speculate as to the situation that would result in such a blatant activity within view of our cameras.

This content on this page has been rated SK13 (Skeptical 13 - anyone with critical thinking skills beyond age 13 might be skeptical of the content).

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