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Be the first person in your neighborhood to suffer from the Napoleon Camplex! (Feb 25, 2002)


What is the Napoleon Camplex?


Just show me the pictures!!!

Features we are working on

What is the Napoleon Camplex?

The Napoleon Camplex is the latest upgrade to the CattleCam. This is a totally new way to experience CattleCam. Thanks to a return call from alien tech support, we are now able to allow you, the general public, to control what you see. We now have a second camera location, providing a different view point. The new camera has pan, tilt and zoom control, and pretty decent magnification. Night vision mode has been added for after-hours fun. We have also upgraded the capture machine horsepower, so we can take pictures more frequently.

You will need to upgrade to a higher speed web connection, as the images files will be larger. This site will not be suitable for whiny dial-up users, so get DSL now (or better yet, a direct OC-192, just to be on the safe side).


Napoleon Camplex Gamma

The Napoleon Camplex has entered gamma test prior to be unleashed on the planet. Bear with us as we debug it and add features.

Coming Attractions

- We will be adding archival functions, so that you can see what happened in the past.

- We will be adding to our alien evidence collection as new information comes in.

- We will add a daily movie feature, like the original CattleCam, but probably MPEG2. We would prefer to use the original alien format, but we can't due to legal issues.


You may conduct your own campaign and control the actions taken by the Napoleon Camplex by selecting from the menu on the top of the page. There are two control modes: Campaign and Voyeur. In Campaign mode, you control the view. In Voyeur mode, you watch what is happening.

In Campaign mode, there are 2 basic methods for exerting influence. You may click on the image to generate a new image centered on the cursor location. Or, you may use the alien technology control panel on the bottom.

We haven't fully deciphered the alien documentation, so you'll just have to try for yourself. Your mileage may vary. Do not place over your head and pretend it's a helmet. Caution: may be hot if spilled on your lap. Do not put fingers in door before slamming. Not suitable for framing. Some feelings were hurt during the making of this film. Professional coder on closed system - do not attempt to re-create at home. Contains software and software by-products. Airbag may deploy when system crahses - sit at least 3 feet from your monitor to avoid injury. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Napoleon at St. Bernard pass

The Napoleon Camplex is a largely non-toxic by-product of the Advanced File Architecture Group at the IBM Almaden Research Center.

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