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 Symposium on The Coevolution of Technology-Business Innovations

Agenda   (Last updated Oct. 31, 2003)
Day 1 - Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003 - Almaden Research Center
  8:00 Continental Breakfast  
  8:30 Welcome, Day 1 Jim Spohrer (IBM), Robert Morris (IBM)

Major Technology Disruptions:
    Historical Examples, Definitions, and Projections


  • Innovation, Components, and Complements
  • Hal Varian (UC Berkeley - Moderator)
  • Disruptive Adoptions of Technologies That Worked and Others That Did Not
  • Jim Cortada (IBM)
  • Taming a Disruptive Technology: Open Source, America's Army, and the Military-Entertainment Complex
  • Tim Lenoir (Stanford)
  • As We May Work: The Pursuit of Collective IQ
  • Doug Engelbart (Bootstrap Institute)
  • Systems of Use and Technology Adoption
  • Andrew Isaacs (UC Berkeley)
    10:30 BREAK  
    11:15 Panel of morning speakers
      Discussant: Jennifer Trelewicz (IBM)
    (Hal Varian - Moderator)
    12:30 LUNCH  
      Speaker Remarks: Randy Hancock and George Pohle
        "Meet the future of business: It's called on demand"
      2:00 Key Organizational and Management Practice and Theory Advancements: Historical Examples, Definitions, and Projections  
  • The Technology of History
  • Steve Haeckel (Adaptive Business Designs - Moderator)
  • From the Accidental Corporation to the On-Demand Business
  • James Hoopes (Babson College)
  • The Crisis of Branding and the Theory Needed to Solve It
  • Paul Magill (IBM)
  • Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness in a Fast-Changing World
  • Martin Chemers (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Towards Living Networks: the active reconfiguration of economic flows
  • Ross Dawson (Advanced Human Technologies)
      3:55 BREAK  
      4:25 Panel of afternoon speakers
      Discussant: Kate Ehrlich (IBM)
    (Steve Haeckel - Moderator)
      5:25 Closing comments Jim Spohrer
      5:30 BREAK (wine & cheese)  

    Transition and Dinner at Almaden Research Center
    Speaker: Mike Zisman, VP, IBM Corporate Strategy
      "IBM's On Demand Vision"

    Robert Morris (IBM)
      8:30 End of Day 1  
    Day 2 - Thursday, Sept. 25, 2003 - Almaden Research Center
      8:00 Continental Breakfast  
      8:30 Welcome, Day 2 Doug McDavid (IBM)

    Key Industry Sector Challenges:
        Historical Examples, Definitions, and Projections

  • Transforming Organizations as Living Systems: 
      Optimizing Organizational Performance and Value Creation
  • Jeff Kelley (Transform Partners - Moderator)
  • The New Corporate Response Ability: Leveraging Relationships to Achieve Agility
  • Rob Flaherty (Ketchum)
  • From Pyramids to Prisms: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for Legal Service Providers in the Era of On Demand Enterprises
  • Steve Berson (Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati)
  • A Business or Customer Solution? Appreciating Obstacles that Impede IT in Healthcare
  • Rob Dhoble (Diversified Agency Services / Omnicom Group)
  • Adjusting to a Customer-Driven IT Industry
  • David Moschella (author, consultant)
    10:30 BREAK  
    11:15 Panel of morning speakers
      Discussant: Sara Moulton Reger (IBM)
    (Jeff Kelley - Moderator)
    12:30 LUNCH  

        Speaker: Bob Glushko (UC Berkeley)
        "Document Engineering"

      2:00 Closing comments Jim Spohrer
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