New Paradigms For Using Computers

Thursday, July 27, 1995

IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, California

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As researchers and product designers, we are colleagues as well as competitors, creating systems that will support people in their work. Striking new paradigms, styles of working with computers that could shape the whole field, are usually "in the air" long before they mature and become accepted. We are often working on parts of what will turn out to be a shared vision. The history of people using innovations predicts irregular progress. A "wonderful" new tool is envisioned: some try to create it, people judge it, and some go back to improve it. The cycle repeats. In the past decade, companies made a financially rewarding shift from command line interfaces to direct manipulation. In the early 1980s many companies lost tens of millions of dollars trying to improve user interface. How do we, as an informal community of innovators, choose our projects? Which paradigms for using computers succeed? How do we nurture emerging paradigms before they are ready for widespread acceptance?

Workshop Moderator: Ted Selker


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