IBM TSpaces Version 3

Client Programmer's Guide


The TSpaces Client Programmer's Guide will describe the client interface only. Also, it is not an exhaustive list. A full description of the TSpaces programming interface can be found in the TSpaces Programming Interface Specification. There is a Server Administration guide that will cover Server issues. There is also a Handler Programmer's Guide that will cover how to write new commands that can be added to the TSpaces server.

This guide applies to TSpaces Version 3.1.*

The Basic Definitions

A Tuplespace is a globally shared, associatively addressed memory space that is organized as a bag of tuples (defined below). The basic element of a Tuplespace system is a tuple, which is simply a vector of typed values, or fields. Templates are used to associatively address tuples via matching. A template is similar to a tuple, but some (zero or more) fields in the vector may be replaced by typed placeholders (with no value) called formal fields.


Specifying Tuple expiration