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TSpaces - Intelligent Connectionware

Enterprise TSpaces
  TSpaces is the support for software communication, like a brigde, it connects business in the information highway

Enterprise TSpaces is a further development of the stand-alone version of TSpaces that provides TSpaces with enterprise required facilities such as fault-tolerance and scalability.

Enterprise TSpaces provides fault-tolerance on different abstraction levels. By using operation replication between TSpaces servers in so-called replication groups the availability of tuples increases with the number of TSpaces servers. This increases the tolerance to failures of TSpaces servers and thereby eliminating the single point of failures that TSpaces currently suffers from. At a TSpaces server level each server is able to fully recover from a crash, that is, it is able to recover its internal state and reintegrate into the replication group. Reintegration means that the TSpaces server is able to reestablish network connections to the other TSpaces servers in the replication group and reestablish consistency. The latter is achieved using a hybrid replica update protocol.

Scalability is achieved by partitioning the tuples in the tuplespaces between multiple partitions -- replication groups -- each having one or more TSpaces servers.

In addition to providing fault-tolerance and scalability Enterprise TSpaces provides support for both of these properties to be dynamically adjusted at runtime. The former is archieved by dynamically increasing or decreasing the number of TSpaces servers in a replication group. The latter is archieved by dynamically increasing or decreasing the number of tuplespace partitions.

NOTE: Version 1 of Enterprise TSpaces, excluding the replication work, will be available in early 2003. We had a group reorganization and redirection in 2002, which stalled the replication work for the time being. We will release the more robust Version 3 TSpaces engine in early 2003, then try to find resources to finish the replication work. Our apologies for those of you who have been waiting for ETS to arrive -- we were also anxious to see it be released. Dated, 11/18/2002



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Enterprise TSpaces
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Unlimited Fault-Tolerance
Providing an unprecedented level of fault-tolerance by replication between TSpaces servers grouped in replication groups.
Unlimited Scalability
Providing an unprecedented level of scalability by partial replication between TSpaces servers grouped in partitions (replication groups).
Dynamic Adjustability
The level of fault-tolerance and scalability may be dynamically adjusted during runtime.

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