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TSpaces - Intelligent Connectionware

Frequently asked questions
  TSpaces is the support for software communication, like a brigde, it connects business in the information highway
General questions
  • Anyone using TSpaces commercially?
  • How does TSpaces relate to Jini?
  • How does TSpaces relate to JavaSpaces?
  • Has TSpaces been integrated with a database?
  • What documentation is available?

Known Problems and Problem Reporting
  • What are the known problems with Version 2.1.2?
  • Service Pack 2
  • What are the known problems with the TSpaces Services Suite version 1.2?
  • How do I report problems in using TSpaces for my application?

General technical questions
  • Does TSpace use reliable multicast or a socket connection for each client?
  • I would like to use a stripped-down version of TSpaces that offers just the core functionality of tuplespace systems a la Linda, i.e., no client-server access, no event service, no security, no transactions. Is that possible?
  • Will TSpaces work on all Java platforms?
  • Can I use TSpaces across a firewall?
  • How may I backup the data in a TSpaces server?
  • Are the TSpaces versions compatible?
  • I've been throwing objects into a space to see how it performs and I'm seeing it get out of memory exceptions when it hits Y MB though I have 10*Y MB of RAM. What should I do?
  • Would it potentially be better to split the unrelated spaces into separate servers to improve performance?
  • Can I write/read/take complicated objects using TSpaces, or if it is limited to simple tuples?
  • Does TSpaces support the concept of lease?
  • Is there any kind of offline TSpaces store support?
  • Can I write a C++ client that would talk to TSpaces server?
  • How to create my own handlers?
  • Can I rely on TSpaces (with persistence activated) to store my persistent information.
  • Is TSpaces expected to be faster than Javaspace in remote accesses?
  • Is there any performance measure for TSpaces?

Installation and setup
  • After installing TSpaces on Windows, I am unable to start TSpaces with the supplied bin\tspaces.bat file. What's wrong?
  • I am getting the following message when I start a sample client:
    TSCmdSocketImpl: Unable to access Host: localhost; Port: 8200
  • I am getting the following exception when I run the examples or my own application.
    TupleSpaceServerException: ClassNotFound Exception: SomeClassName
  • I cannot run Example 5. What should I do?
  • Problems with checkpointing and UNIX file permissions.

Client programming
  • How do I define a tuple in TSpaces?
  • Is there any way I can guarantee the order of the Tuples taken is the same as the order of the Tuples written?
  • Is there anything inherent in the tuplespace philosophy that prevents subsequent "reads" from reading the same record over and over?
  • Is there any limit for tuple size?
  • My client is hanging in the Event Register callback. Why?
  • What are the guidelines for EventRegister and the related callback methods?
  • I would like to selectively disconnect only one tuplespace of a given TSpaces server. What should I do?
  • If the TupleSpace object represents a "connection" to the remote server, then anything related with it should disappear when this object gets garbage collected (including the events registered). Is this true?
  • Is there any way to override the implementation of the connection object used by TSpaces? Perhaps to add SSL support
  • Is there a way to remove the named tuplespace from the server, even when other clients may still be connected to it?
  • Can a client be notified when TSpaces server goes down?
  • Can the client schedule the server shutdown?
  • How long does the shutdown process take?
  • When I issue a shutdown() or exit() command on the server and then restart it, the client won't reconnect to it. What's wrong?
  • How does TSpaces determines matches?
  • Is the matching done on server-side or on client side?
  • Is there an efficient way to do a blocking read of tuples matching a template that will only read each tuple one time?
  • Can multiple transactions within a single space overlap in time?
  • What exactly are the semantics of a transaction if a client drops out before calling commitTrans? Is there a timeout after which the transaction is rolled back? If so, can I set the timeout?
  • Is it possible to have a single transaction on multiple tuplespaces?
  • Can I put large files on the server as a tuple?
  • How can I specify that I want files to be retained indefinitely when I use URLCopy?
  • If I take the tuple that refers to the file and fail to call URLCopy.copyToLocal(String, false) on it, does the file just remain or is it garbage collected at some point?
  • How do I handle object references across TupleSpaces?
  • Is there a way to scan the space for all tuples newer than a given timestamp that match a specified template?
  • Is there a way to read all the Tuple and SubClassableTuple object at once?
  • I'm looking for an efficient way to do a blocking read of tuples matching a template that will only read each tuple one time.
  • How are queries evaluated in TSpaces?
  • I'm trying to add a "watching" thread to the worker class (in the TSpaces examples) that waits for "poison pills" to be written to a space, and terminates the worker when it eats one. Has anyone written this sort of thing yet?
  • How can I specify that Tuples should expire after some time.
  • I want to know for how long time a certain tuple has existed in a tuplespace. The timestamp gives you the time when the Tuple was posted, but how do you get time the tuple was read (i.e. the current server time)?
  • TSpaces doesn't issue an event callback when a tuple expires. Are there any workarounds to this behavior?
  • Will I experience any problems storing an array of bytes (byte[]) in my tuple?
  • I use subTuple=new Tuple("SequenceNum", new Integer(sequenceNumber)) to create a new tuple with a single field named "SequenceNum" of type Integer, however it doesn't work. What's wrong?

Server operation
  • After stopping the server in a less-than-nice manner (end task from windows) and trying to restart it, the error message told me that the space has been damaged and I need to restart with the "-b" option that would clear the information and start a fresh space. The problem is that I am using the space for both transient and persistent information, which I would not like to loose. What should I do?
  • Is there a way to shutdown TSpaces through the Web interface?
  • How can I control the expiration of tuples?
  • What is the official way to disable the Expire-Manager?
  • What is reported in the TSServer.status() method?
  • What are the meanings of the different checkpoint/file config options and how would you suggest setting them?
  • Server hangs on Sun Solaris 2.6?

Security issues
  • What security support do you have? Do you have support for users, groups, and passwords?
  • I've written a class that starts a TSpaces server, but it seems that the files acldb.ser and passwd.ser get created in my current directory whenever it starts a server. How do I describe where to put these files?
  • How do I setup who is the admin for all the spaces on the TSpaces server?
  • I want only the administrator to be able to create spaces, what do I have to do?
  • How do I create users on the fly?
  • Is there a way to choose separately if you want to restore the user and group-information?
  • I want to implement a mechanism to contact the space-admin application to create an account.
  • When I start a tuplespace in a client, if the named tuplespace does not exist on the server it is created. Is there a way to request this not happen?
  • In my application a client can access the server (which is admin of the space) via HTTP and I don't want to send the password as a string.
  • When you connect to a space from a client you are associated with your login for all further sessions. How do I disconnect as a user and reconnect as another one in the same running code?

  • I cannot get the following code to work (the server does not parse the XML). What's wrong?
  • Can you modify part of the DOM Tuple(s) once it's been entered as a complete document?
  • How an XML document is saved?
  • Can I query the TSpaces server for nodes in the DOM tree?
  • I can compile the file but whenever I run it I get many errors. What's wrong?
  • I would like to use eventRegister() for an XMLQuery object. What should I do?

PDA support
  • Where can I find information about TSpaces support for Palm?
  • Do you need KVM or other VM like Waba with TSpaces on the Palm?
  • Could I write an application that runs under KVM or Waba and takes a tuple from a TSpaces server via a MoDAL application and writes a record to a database on the Palm?




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General questions

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Known Problems and Problem Reporting

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General technical questions

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Installation and setup

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Client programming

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Server operation

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Security Issues

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PDA support

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