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T Spaces is a network communication buffer with database capabilities. It enables communication between applications and devices in a network of heterogeneous computers and operating systems. T Spaces provides group communication services, database services, URL-based file transfer services, and event notification services. Compared to the systems whose function it emulates, T Spaces is tiny. With its small footprint, it is ideal for bringing network services to small and embedded systems; for example, it brings the power of the network to palm devices, making them fully-fledged network computers.

A TS Network with various clients

For the client, being connected to T Spaces is like having the perfect assistant: T Spaces will remember things for you, it will carry out any tasks that you assign it, it will report incoming messages and deliver outgoing messages, and it will notify you of any events in which you're interested. By adding additional client applications, T Spaces can be used as a universal print service, email service, pager service, remote control service, and so on. Since it is written in Java, T Space client applications can be loaded dynamically into any network-attached computer. The T Spaces package comes with several useful applications that show how to build T Space clients. The T Space server, also written in Java, can be upgraded while it is running, thus avoiding costly downtime.

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