Installing TSpaces

System Requirements

TSpaces is pure Java and will run on any system that has a Java Version 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 Virtual Machine. We have tested it on the following systems:

We have also had a number of people test the previous versions and have heard that it also runs on Solaris and OS/2. If anyone tests it on the Apple MacOS, we would like to get a report of what was needed to install it in that enviromment.

There is one fairly important detail having to do with JDK release levels. We have included an admistrative tool(AdminApp) that uses Java Foundation Classes. Because of a recent package name change (com.sun.java. -> javax.) in the JFC classes, we can not distribute a single version of AdminApp that will run on any level. So we have chosen to distribute AdminApp so that it will run on the most recent versions of the JDK as follows:


Follow the instructions for how to download and unzip TSpaces.

You will now have a new directory structure that looks like this:


Configuring TSpaces

The options that control the TSpaces features are contained in a Configuration file that is read when you start the server. By default this is tspaces.cfg which is found in the current directory. You can change this by specifing "-c filename" on the command line.

The following features are disabled by default and must be enabled by modifying the configuration file:

The distributed tspaces.cfg file has comments describing the various options. Currently this is the only documentation for this.

Testing TSpaces

Migrating to a new version

If you are already running an older Version of TSpaces (Version 2.0.3) you can install the new Version 2.1.2 release and migrate the tuplespaces from the old server to the new server using the Migrate utility.