The TSpaces Examples

We have included a number of sample programs with the TSpaces package. These examples are not intended as complete useful application but rather each one is intended to show the use of one or more features.  The source for each sample is distributed along with the pre compiled class file and one or more shell scripts that will invoke the sample.

In the following examples, I will assume that you are running on Win95 or NT. OS/2 users will need to rename the *.bat files to *.cmd. We have provided a limited number of *.sh scripts for Unix users. Unix users will have to make the necessary translations for their cmdline environment. We would like to distribute whatever is needed to implement Mac support and would welcome a volunteer to help us with this.

The included scripts assume that the current directory is the "tspaces" directory that is created when you unzip (or untar) the distribution file.

We also have a directory of TSpaces applications that have been contributed by people outside of IBM.

TSpaces Server