Interface Summary
AclFactory.DefaultPermissions Interface to define default Permissions A class can "implement AclFactory.DefaultPermissions" and then refer to these directly.

Class Summary
AclFactory This class will create various objects that implement the interfaces AclFactory.createAcl() AclFactory.createAclEntry() AclFactory.createPrincipal(); AclFactory.createPermission(); Although its name suggests that this is a Java object Factory, in fact it is not.
AuthChecker This class will handle the authentication of a User/Password pair without sending the Password over the network.
TsAcl This class implements the Interface.
TsAclDBase This class is used to store the User/Group hierarchy that is used for the TSpaces ACL support.
TsAclEntry This is the class used for representing one entry in an Access Control List (ACL).
TsPermission This class implements the Interface.
TsPrincipal This class implements the, interface.