Class MatchQuery


public class MatchQuery
extends java.lang.Object
implements Query

Class MatchQuery This class extends the generic Query interface. An MatchQuery object is specified at the client and passed to the server in a template tuple. At the server, it is transformed to a TSMatchQuery object that is actually used for the query operation.

This is really just an alternative way to expressing a regular template match. Example usage:

     String value1 = "any old data";
     String key1 = "mykey";
     Tuple template = new Tuple(key1,new Field(String.class));
     ts.take(template);   // normal way
     ts.take(new MatchQuery(template));
The MatchQuery is required when using AndQuery or OrQuery
     MachQuery mq = new MatchQuery(template);
     IndexQuery iq = new IndexQuery("index1","key");
     ts.take(new AndQuery(iq,mq));

John Thomas
See Also:
SuperTuple, Query, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
MatchQuery(SuperTuple tuple_)
          Create a new MatchQuery
Method Summary
 SuperTuple getTuple()
          access the Tuple that defines this Match Query
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Constructor Detail


public MatchQuery(SuperTuple tuple_)
Create a new MatchQuery
tuple_ - The SuperTuple to match
q2_ - The second query
Method Detail


public SuperTuple getTuple()
access the Tuple that defines this Match Query