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TSpaces - Intelligent Connectionware

Current Contributors
  TSpaces is the support for software communication, like a brigde, it connects business in the information highway
Tobin J. Lehman, TSpaces Project Shepherd:
Toby Lehman joined the IBM Research - Almaden in 1986, shortly after finishing his Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Toby's research interests include server-based backup systems, Object-Relation database systems, large object management, memory-resident database systems, Tuplespace systems, Grid Computing and Storage Subsystems. Toby co-founded the TSpaces project with Daniel Ford, and he has been responsible for the overall TSpaces architecture, the internal memory-resident database design and much of the database engine implementation. Now that TSpaces is a mature package, Toby looks after TSpaces licensing, any TSpaces fixes (though rare), and the occasional TSpaces feature enhancement.

Christopher Giblin , Wizard Programmer:
Chris Giblin is a fifth-level wizard programmer at the IBM Zurich Research Center. Chris is responsible for incorporating numerous technologies into TSpaces, such as moderized XML processing, XPath, Regex fields, SSL and TCP keep alive. Chris incorporated TSpaces into the IBM IDD product, which in turn is embedded into other IBM products.

John Thomas, Master Programmer:
John Thomas was a senior programmer at the Almaden Research Center from 1978 to 1996. He is now mostly retired but working part time from his beach house in Santa Cruz, California. Inbetween beach volleyball games, John scours the TSpaces source code, looking for any old inconsistencies and for any new opportunitues.


Past contributors
Daniel A. Ford
Stephen W. McLaughry
Peter Wyckoff
Matthias Eichstaedt
Thomas Baby
Kevin Eustice
Cal Leister
Venkatesan Esakki
Thomas Fisher
Mike Chen
Keung Hae Lee
Todd Hodes
Ben Zhao
Michelle Munson
Mark VanderWiele
Andrew Hately
Phil Estes
Alex Cozzi
Vanish Talwar
Kiran Srinivasan
Jesper Spring
Dwayne Nelson
Marcus Fontoura
Yuhong Xiong
Thomas Truong
Alessandro Garcia



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