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TSpaces - Intelligent Connectionware

Research activities
  TSpaces is the support for software communication, like a brigde, it connects business in the information highway

The TSpaces project was officially declared a SUCCESS at the end of 2001. Although the TSpaces code and project live on, we are no longer doing research on TSpaces itself. Instead, we are using TSpaces as we explore Grid Computing in the OptimalGrid Project.

After all of the experience we've had with distributed computing and TSpaces, we can really appreciate all of the great things TSpaces gives us in Grid Computing. It gives us:

  • Excellent inter-agent communication
  • Fault-tolerance communication links
  • Service Registration
  • Service Employment
  • Event notification
  • Message Content browsing
TSpaces is lighter and more flexible than other heavy-weight message queuing packages, and it also provides more useful infrastructure than the peer-to-peer packages.

Our past activities, Enterprise TSpaces and the TSpaces services suite ended in different ways. The TSpaces services suite was completed, but stopped short of making into the general "Services Oriented Architecture" of IBM. As a service mechanism, it is now out of date. Enterprise TSpaces (ETS) was a very promising activity involving replicated spaces, fault-tolerance failover of clients to other supporting servers and distributed transactions. Though about 3/4 finished, the ETS work stopped because we didn't see a significant customer base for this large body of work. Unfortunate, but that's the way some things go.

Version 3, which was originally supposed to contain all of Enterprise TSpaces, actually contains quite a lot of other features, fixes and upgrades. Look at what's new in Version 3. We are no longer conducting research related to MoDAL. Furthermore, was also MoDAL also retired from alphaworks.



Research activities
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