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blinker LIVE View MegaPel western landscape replete with the occasional cattle.
blinker News!
02/15/02: The Cattlecam is dead. Long live the Camplex! The alien helpdesk tells us that the RMA shipping time from and to the planet Earth for CattleCam storage units is about 132 years with standard Euclidean-surface mail. We decided not to hold while they checked inventory.
02/04/02: Do you long for the good old days of cryptic error messages and mysterious blank screens? Yes? Then check out the Napoleon Camplex while we're still gamma testing it.
08/08/00: 3.9GB of CattleCam archival footage is now on the server. Reminisce through those heady days from 1996!
03/08/00: CattleCam was mooved to a new, more featuresome server. We will, of course, keep checking for new bugs.
04/16/-01: Do you use CattleCam on a mobile computer? Do you need more battery life? Check out the free Power Booster from the IBM Research - Almaden.
03/17/-01: We have restored control of the live view and the daily movies! We are still under test, but hopefully everything will continue to work.
03/08/-01: CattleCam now has a new look. Click on the image, and see where it takes you.
03/01/-01: CattleCam is upgraded to Y2K compliance.
07/13/98: CattleCam Catches Fire! Alien origin suspected!
Evidence of aliens at CattleCam Amazing photographs! Irrefutable!
More evidence of aliens at CattleCam Further discoveries! Physical evidence!
movieLatest movie All the action of the past 24 hours. ~1MB MPEG file. Runs from midnight to midnight, so the intro is kind of boring, unless there is alien activity.
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CattleCam Returns!

CattleCam was abducted by aliens for experimentation. However, we managed to free it in a daring, commando-style raid. (We got to dress up really cool too.) CattleCam has suffered some side effects from the alien experiments, making it difficult to properly re-assert control. In the process of freeing CattleCam, we managed to capture some amazing alien technology. We will use this technology to upgrade CattleCam's capabilities. You will already notice a much higher resolution picture, as well as daily movies. We will continue to add features as we learn to decipher the alien documentation. However, at this point, we are still on hold with their tech support. We thank you for your patience.

Last modified 00. Approximately.

CattleCam is a largely non-toxic by-product of the Advanced File Architecture Group at the IBM Almaden Research Center.

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