TITLE: Querying Multimedia Data from Multiple Repositories by Content: The Garlic Project.

AUTHORS: W.F. Cody, L.M. Haas, W. Niblack, M. Arya, M.J. Carey, R. Fagin, D. Lee, D. Petkovic, P.M. Schwarz, J. Thomas, M. Tork Roth, J.H. Williams and E.L. Wimmers
IBM Research - Almaden

ABSTRACT: We describe Garlic, an object-oriented multimedia middleware query system. Garlic enables existing data management components, such as a relational database or a full text search engine, to be integrated into an extensible information management system that presents a common interface and user access tools. We focus in this paper on how QBIC, an image retrieval system that provides content-based image queries, can be integrated into Garlic. This results in a system in which a single query can combine visual and nonvisual data using type-specific search techniques, enabling a new breed of multimedia applications.

PUBLISHED IN: IFIP 2.6 Third Working Conference on Visual Database Systems (VDB-3), March, 1995 Lausanne, Switzerland. (Preliminary Proceedings, to be re-published by Chapman & Hall)

FILENAME: garlic_vdb95.ps.Z

FORMAT: Postscript, compressed with UNIX compress command. File has color postscript figures embedded on 4 pages