Project Overview

The tremendous growth in the price-performance of networking and storage has fueled the explosive growth of the web. The amount of information easily accessible from the desktop has dramatically increased by several orders of magnitude in the last few years, and shows no signs of abating. Users of the web are being confronted with the consequent information overload problem. It can be exceedingly difficult to locate resources that are both high-quality and relevant to their information needs. Traditional automated methods for locating information are easily overwhelmed by low-quality and unrelated content. Thus, the second generation of search engines will have to have effective methods for focusing on the most authoritative among these documents. The rich structure implicit in the hyperlinks among Web documents offers a simple, and effective, means to deal with many of these problems. The CLEVER search engine incorporates several algorithms that make use of hyperlink structure for discovering high-quality information on the Web.

Ongoing work in the Clever project focuses on higher-level applications based on the basic Clever engine described in the publications below. There are a number of emerging new directions within the CLEVER project.

A more detailed technical summary will appear in the August 1999 issue of IEEE Computer.




The Clever project is a part of the Computer Science Principles and Methodologies Department at the IBM Almaden Research Center.

Inquiries on licensing Clever technology may be directed to Rick LeVee,, (408) 927 1272.

Press inquiries may be directed to Nam LaMore,, (408) 927 1282.

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