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Computer Science Patents - 1996
Issued Patent Name Inventor(s)
31-Dec, 1996 5590220 Bending Point Extraction Method for Optical Character Recognition System Takahashi
17-Dec, 1996 5586315 Computer Program Product for Off-loading Host-based DBMS Predicate Evaluation to a Disk Controller Iyer, Mohan, Narang
17-Dec, 1996 5586243 Multiple Display Pointers for Computer Graphical User Interfaces Barber, Ford, Selker
26-Nov, 1996 5579033 Pointing device for retrofitting onto the keyboard of an existing computer system Rutledge, Selker
26-Nov, 1996 5579471 Image Query System and Method Barber, Beitel, Equitz, Flickner, Niblack, Petkovic, Work, Yanker
19-Nov, 1996 5577211 System and method using chained structure queues for ordering of message delivery between connected nodes wherein unsuccessful message portion is skipped and retried Annapareddy, Brady, Finney, Freitas, Hartung, Ko, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen, Tzou
29-Oct, 1996 5570268 Stowable Wrist Rest for Portable Computers Baier, Selker
29-Oct, 1996 5570111 Graphical User Interface Cursor Positioning Device Having a Negative Inertia Transfer Function Barrett, Olyha, Rutledge
15-Oct, 1996 5565888 Method and apparatus for improving visibility and selectability of icons Selker
15-Oct, 1996 5566329 System and Method for Mutation of Selected Assignment Operations on Large Data Objects Gainer, Gassner, Lehman
15-Oct, 1996 5566317 Method and Apparatus for Computer Disk Drive Management Haswell, Ng, Treiber, Yamaguchi
1-Oct, 1996 5561805 System for Selectively Packing Together Datablocks and Efficiently Routing Independent of Network Topology in a Parallel Computer System In Accordance With A Selected Numbering System Bruck, Ho, Kipnis
17-Sept, 1996 5557791 Outer join operations using responsibility regions assigned to inner tables in a relational database Cheng, Mohan, Pirahesh
27-Aug, 1996 5551031 Program storage device and computer program product for outer join operations using responsibility regions assigned to inner tables in a relational database M. Cheng, Mohan, Pirahesh
27-Aug, 1996 5551046 Method for Non-hierarchical Lock Management in a Multi-system Shared Data Environment Mohan, Narang
27-Aug, 1996 5551030 Method and Apparatus for Integrating Applications in a Graphical User Interface Environment Linden, Reinke, Schmuck
27-Aug, 1996 5551027 Multi-tiered Indexing Method for Partitioned Data Choy, Mohan
27-Aug, 1996 5550966 Automated Presentation Capture, Storage and Playback System Drake, Griefer, Powers Jr, Thomas
27-Aug, 1996 5550873 Anonymous Time Synchronization Method Dolev, Reischuk, Strong
27-Aug, 1996 5550540 Distributed Coding and Prediction by Use of Contexts Furlan, Rissanen, Sheinwald
20-Aug, 1996 5548755 System for Optimizing Correlated SQL Queries in a Relational Database Using Magic Decorrelation Leung, Pirahesh, Seshadri
20-Aug, 1996 5489900 Force Transducer with Screen Printed Strain Gauges Kamenster, Selker, Smith
20-Aug, 1996 5548758 Optimization of SQL queries using early-out join transformations of column-bound relational tables Pirahesh, Leung, Lohman, Shekita, Simmen
20-Aug, 1996 5548754 Optimization of SQL queries using early-out join transformations Pirahesh, Leung, Lohman, Shekita, Simmen
13-Aug, 1996 5544530 Assembly suitable for life testing a multi-dimensional force transducer Rudisill, Rutledge, Selker
13-Aug, 1996 5546576 Query Optimizer System That Detects And Prevents Mutating Table Violations of Database Integrity in a Query Before Execution Plan Generation Cochrane, Pirahesh, Sidle
13-Aug, 1996 5546080 Order-preserving, Fast-decoding Arithmetic Coding and Compression Method and Apparatus Langdon, Zandi
6-Aug, 1996 5544322 System and method for policy-based inter-realm authentication within a distributed processing system Cheng, Luan
30-July, 1996 5542089 Method And Apparatus for Estimating the Number of Occurrences Of Frequent Values in a Data Set Lindsay, Shekita
30-July, 1996 5542073 Computer Program Product for Choosing Largest Selectivities Among Eligible Predicates of Equivalence Classes for Query Optimization Shiefer, Swami, Join
23-July, 1996 5539369 Multiple-toroid induction device Selker, Jacobs, Kelley, Rutledge
23-July, 1996 5539826 Method for Message Authentication from Nonmalleable Crypto Systems Dwork, Naor
16-July, 1996 5537574 Sysplex shared data coherency method Elko, Frey, Isenberg, Jr., Mohan, Narang, Nick, Strickland, Swanson
9-July, 1996 5535217 Method and Apparatus for Probabilistic Synchronization with Interval Clock Arithmetic Cheung, Ng, Strong
2-July, 1996 5533178 Program Product for Displaying a Line Passing Through a Plurality of Boxes Megiddo
25-June, 1996 5530850 Data Storage Library Array with Log-structured System Which Allows Simultaneous Write and Garbage Collection Ford, Morris
25-June, 1996 5530846 System For Decoupling Clock Amortization From Clock Synchronization Strong
4-June, 1996 RE35262 Efficient Single-hop Directional Multichannel System Birk
28-May, 1996 5521596 Analog input device located in the primary typing area of a keyboard Selker, Rutledge
28-May, 1996 5521591 Switching Networks with Expansive and/or Dispersive Logical Clusters For Message Routing Arora, Knight, Leighton, Maggs, Upfal
30-April, 1996 5513371 Hierarchical Interconnection Network Architecture for Parallel Processing, Having Interconnections between Bit-addressible Nodes Based on Address Bit Permutations Cypher, Sanz
30-April, 1996 5512892 Hand held control device Corballis, Rutledge, Selker
30-April, 1996 5513354 Fault Tolerant Load Management System and Method Dwork, Halpern, Strong
30-April, 1996 5513313 Method For Generating Hierarchical Fault-tolerant Mesh Architectures Bruck, Cypher, Ho
16-April, 1996 5508732 Data server, control server and gateway architecture system and method for broadcasting digital video on demand Bottomley, Chadwick, Hall, Moore, Powers, Jr., Putterman, Schaszberger, Williams, Withers
2-April, 1996 5504857 Highly available fault tolerant relocation of storage with atomicity Baird, Bozman, Eisenberger, Kamerman, Lett, McAssey, Myers, Tetzlaff, Wang
5-Mar, 1996 5497457 Redundant Arrays of Independent Libraries of Dismountable Media with Parity Logging Ford
27-Feb, 1996 5495601 Method to Off-load Host-based DBMS Predicate Evaluation to a Disk Controller Iyer, Mohan, Narang
20-Feb, 1996 5493668 Multiple processor system having software for selecting shared cache entries of an associated castout class for transfer to a DASD with one I/O operation Elko, Frey, Mohan, Narang, Nick, Strickland, Swanson
6-Feb, 1996 5489900 Force sensitive transducer for use in a computer keyboard Cali, Cuomo, Mikalsen, Rutledge, Selker
6-Feb, 1996 5489991 Method for Generating Digital Halftone Images Mcmurray
30-Jan, 1996 5488727 Method to Support Multimethod Function Overloading with Compile-time Type Checking Agrawal, De Michiel, Lindsay
2-Jan, 1996 5481658 Method and Apparatus for Displaying a Line Passing Through a Plurality of Boxes Megiddo

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