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Computer Science Patents - 1997
Issued Patent Name Inventor(s)
30-December, 1997 5703578 Folding Keyboard Allison
16-December, 1997 5699534 Multiple Display Pointers for Computer Graphical User Interfaces Barber, Ford, Selker
16-December, 1997 5699082 Enhanced Program Access in a Graphical User Interface Marks, Selker
9-December, 1997 5696535 Graphics display pointer with integrated selection Rutledge, Selker
9-December, 1997 5696974 Method to Support Multimethod Function Overloading with Compile-time Type Checking Agrawal, De Michiel, Lindsay
9-December, 1997 5696973 Index-based Method for Supporting Multimethod Function Overloading with Compile-time Type Checking and Run-time Dispatch Agrawal, De Michiel, Lindsay
2-December, 1997 5694123 Keyboard with Integrated Pointing Device and Click Buttons With Lock Down for Drag Operation in a Computer System With A Graphical User Interface Selker, Suzuki, Takahashi, Uchiyama
18-November, 1997 5689246 Intraoral communication system Dordick, Selker
18-November, 1997 5689688 Probabilistic Anonymous Clock Synchronization Method and Apparatus for Synchronizing a Local Time Scale With A Reference Time Scale Strong, Wimmers
18-November, 1997 5689384 Timing based servo system for magnetic tape systems Albrecht, Barrett, Eaton
28-October, 1997 5682470 Method and System for Achieving Collective Consistency in Detecting Failures in a Distributed Computing System Dwork, Ho, Strong
7-October, 1997 5675767 Method for verification and restoration of directories in CPU system managed store Baird, Beretvas, Bozman, Guyette, Hodges, Lett, Myers, Tetzlaff
7-October, 1997 5675736 Multi-node network with internode switching performed within processor nodes, each node separately processing data and control messages Brady, Finney, Hartung, Hunter, Ko, Lang, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen
23-September, 1997 5671403 Iterative Dynamic Programming System For Query Optimization With Bounded Complexity Shekita, Young
2-September, 1997 5664174 System and Method for Discovering Similar Time Sequences in Databases Agrawal, Lin, Sawhney, Shim
2-September, 1997 5664171 System and Method for Query Optimization Using Quantile Values of a Large Unordered Data Set Agrawal, Swami
19-August, 1997 5658152 Three Prong Swivel Plug Selker
29-July, 1997 5652581 Distributed Coding And Prediction By Use Of Contexts Furlan, Rissanen, Sheinwald
15-July, 1997 5649185 Method and Means for Providing Access to a Library of Digitized Documents and Images Antognini, Cubert, Gladney, Hildebrand, Horne, Schmiedeskam
8-July, 1997 5647058 Method for High-dimensionality Indexing in a Multi-media Database Agrawal, Equitz, Faloutsos, Flickner, Swami
1-July, 1997 5644517 Method for Performing Matrix Transposition on a Mesh Multiprocessor Architecture Having Multiple Processor with Concurrent Execution of the Multiple Processors Ho
17-June, 1997 5640159 Quantization Method for Image Data Compression Employing Context Modeling Algorithm Furlan, Rissanen
6-May, 1997 5627994 Method for the Assignment of Request Streams to Cache Memories Levy, Morris
22-April, 1997 5623608 Method and Apparatus for Adaptive Circular Predictive Buffer Management Ng
15-April, 1997 5621665 Selecting levels for factors for industrial process experiments Ghosh, Singh
8-April, 1997 5619692 Semantic Optimization of Query Order Requirements Using Order Detection by Normalization in a Query Compiler System Malkemus, Shekita, Simmen
25-March, 1997 5615341 System And Method for Mining Generalized Association Rules in Databases Agrawal, Srikant
4-February, 1997 5600817 Asynchronous read-ahead disk caching using multiple disk I/O processes and dynamically variable prefetch length Macon, Jr., Ong, Shih
28-January, 1997 5598570 Efficient Data Allocation Management in a Multiprocessor Computer System Ho, Raghunath

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