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Computer Science Patents - 1998
Issued Patent Name Inventor(s)
8-Dec, 1998 US5848404 Fast query search in large dimension database Hafner, Megiddo, Upfal
1-Dec, 1998 US5845113 Method for external sorting in shared-nothing parallel architectures Swami, Young
6-Oct, 1998 US5819266 System and method for mining sequential patterns in a large database Agrawal, Srikant
25-Aug, 1998 US5799300 Method and system for performing range-sum queries on a data cube Agrawal, Ho, Srikant
25-Aug, 1998 US5799324 System and method for management of persistent data in a log-structured disk array McNutt, Menon, Smith
18-Aug, 1998 US5796827 System and method for near-field human-body coupling for encrypted communication with identification cards Coppersmith, Raghavan, Zimmerman
18-Aug, 1998 US5797136 Optional quantifiers in relational and object-oriented views of database systems Boyer, Kiernan
11-Aug, 1998 US5793885 Computationally efficient low-artifact system for spatially filtering digital color images Kasson
11-Aug, 1998 US5794209 System and method for quickly mining association rules in databases Agrawal, Srikant
28-July, 1998 US5787462 System and method for memory management in an array of heat producing devices to prevent local overheating Hafner, Tomlin, Williams
28-July, 1998 US5786907 High speed color compensation system Lotspiech
28-July, 1998 US5787274 Data mining method and system for generating a decision tree classifier for data records based on a minimum description length (MDL) and presorting of records Agrawal, Mehta, Rissanen
21-July, 1998 US5784698 Dynamic memory allocation that enables efficient use of buffer pool memory segments Brady, Finney, Hartung, Ko, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen
21-July, 1998 US5784421 Computer program product for use with a network node for performing anonymous time synchronization in a network Dolev, Reischuk, Strong
7-July, 1998 US5778355 Database method and apparatus for interactively retrieving data members and related members from a collection of data Boyer, Carey, Kiernan
7-July, 1998 US5777615 Multiple display pointers for computer graphical user interfaces Barber,Ford, Selker
7-July, 1998 US5777704 Backlighting an LCD-based notebook computer under varying ambient light conditions Selker
30-June, 1998 US5774112 Method and apparatus for tone correction of a digital color image with preservation of the chromaticity of the image Kasson
30-June, 1998 US5774692 Outer quantifiers in object-oriented queries and views of database systems Boyer, Kiernan
16-June, 1998 US5767840 Six-degrees-of-freedom movement sensor having strain gauge mechanical supports Selker
9-June, 1998 US5764976 Method and system of deadlock detection in a data processing system having transactions with multiple processes capable of resource locking Hsiao
9-June, 1998 US5764219 Controller for improved computer pointing devices Rutledge, Selker
26-May, 1998 US5758050 Reconfigurable data storage system Cohn, Mattson, Menon
12-May, 1998 US05751926 Function approximation using a centered cubic packing with tetragonal disphenoid extraction Kasson, Nin, Plouffe Jr., Pryor
12-May, 1998 US5751286 Image query system and method Barber, Beitel, Equitz, Flickner, Niblack, Petkovic, Work, Yanker
28-April, 1998 US5745747 Method and system of lock request management in a data processing system having multiple processes per transaction Chang, Hsiao
28-April, 1998 US5745094 Electrophoretic Display Gordon II, Hart, Homola, Mckean, Schein, Smith, Swanson
21-April, 1998 US5742811 Method and system for mining generalized sequential patterns in a large database Agrawal, Srikant
21-April, 1998 US5742810 System, method and computer program product for passing host variables to a database management system Ng, Sharp, Pirahesh, Wang, Roth, Lo
7-April, 1998 US5737593 System and method for defining shapes with which to mine time sequences in computerized databases Agrawal, Psaila, Wimmers, Zait
7-April, 1998 US5736974 Method and apparatus for improving visibility and selectability of icons Selker
31-Mar, 1998 US5734861 Log-structured disk array with garbage collection regrouping of tracks to preserve seek affinity Cohn, Mattson, Menon
31-Mar, 1998 US5734885 System and method for tightly coupling application programs with relational databases Agrawal, Shim
31-Mar, 1998 US5734835 Inexpensive world wide web terminal appliance using disk synchronized with raster refresh for storage of displayed pages Selker
26-Mar, 1998 US5758118 Methods and data storage devices for RAID expansion by on-line addition of new DASDs Choy, Menon
24-Mar, 1998 US5732232 Method and apparatus for directing the expression of emotion for a graphical user interface Brush, Dryer, Lection, Wood
24-Mar, 1998 US5732402 System and method for data space management using buddy system space allocation Lehman
10-Mar, 1998 US5727144 Failure prediction for disk arrays Brady, Menon
10-Mar, 1998 US5727210 Fault Tolerant Load Management System and Method Dwork, Halpern, Strong
10-Mar, 1998 US5727129 Network system for profiling and actively facilitating user activities Barrett, Kellem, Maglio
3-Mar, 1998 US5724573 Method and System for Mining Quantitative Association Rules in Large Relational Tables Agrawal, Srikant
10-Feb, 1998 US5717862 Method and system for message status reporting in a multi-node network Annapareddy, Brady, Finney, Freitas, Ko, Rayfield
6-Jan, 1998 US5706494 System and method for constraint checking bulk data in a database Cochrane, Pirahesh, Sidle, Zuzarte

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