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Computer Science Patents - 1999
Issued Patent Name Inventor(s)
2-Nov, 1999 US5978794 Method and System for Performing Spatial Similarity Joins on High-Dimensional Points Agrawal, Shim, Srikant
18-May, 1999 US5905982 Handling null values in SQL queries over object-oriented data Carey, Kiernan
6-April, 1999 US5893086 Parallel file system and method with extensible hashing Schmuck, Wyllie, Engelsiepen
30-Mar, 1999 US5890166 Versioned-database management system in which tasks are associated with promote groups which comprise a set of parts whose changes are to be promoted Eisenberg, Huddleston, Garth, Lehner, Tribolet
30-Mar, 1999 US5890151 Method and system for performing partial-sum queries on a data cube Agrawal, Bruck, Ho
30-Mar, 1999 US5890154 Merging database log files through log transformations Hsiao, Lo
16-Mar, 1999 US5884320 Method and system for performing proximity joins on high-dimensional data points in parallel Agrawal, Shafer
16-Mar, 1999 US5884305 System and method for data mining from relational data by sieving through iterated relational reinforcement Kleinberg, Raghavan
2-Mar, 1999 US5878414 Constructing a transaction serialization order based on parallel or distributed database log files Hsiao, Lo
2-Mar, 1999 US5878413 System and method for defining shapes with which to mine time sequences in computerized databases Agrawal, Psaila, Wimmers, Zait
23-Feb, 1999 US5874697 Thin keyboard switch assembly with hinged actuator mechanism Selker, Dyer, Allison
16-Feb, 1999 US5870082 Electrophoretic display Gordon II, Hart, Homola, McKean, Schein, Smith, Swanson
9-Feb, 1999 US5870735 Method and system for generating a decision-tree classifier in parallel in a multi-processor system Agrawal, Mehta, Shafer
9-Feb, 1999 US5870082 Pointing device with reciprocating grip cap Selker, Smith, Wyant
2-Feb, 1999 US5867808 Force transducer with screen printed strain gauges Selker, Smith, Kamentser
26-Jan, 1999 US5864840 Evaluation of existential and universal subquery in a relational database management system for increased efficiency Leung, Lui, Pirahesh, Truong
26-Jan, 1999 US5864841 System and method for query optimization using quantile values of a large unordered data set Agrawal, Swami
13-Jan, 1998 EP690442B1 Servo control system Albrecht, Barrett, Eaton
12-Jan, 1999 US5858455 Method for forming a lateral giant magnetoresistance multilayer for a magnetoresistive sensor Chambliss, Farrow, Marks, Tober
12-Jan, 1999 US5860088 Method for extraction of a variable length record from fixed length sectors on a disk drive Benhase, Brady, Finney, Hartung, Ko, Lang, Menon
5-Jan, 1999 US5857213 Method for extraction of a variable length record from fixed length sectors on a disk drive and for reblocking remaining records in a disk track Benhase, Brady, Finney, Hartung, Ko, Lang, Menon
5-Jan, 1999 US5857182 Database management system, method and program for supporting the mutation of a composite object without read/write and write/write conflicts DeMichiel, Fuh, Jou, Lindsay, Mattos, Rielau, Tran

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