Quilt is a proposed XML Query Language. Its name suggests both the way in which concepts from several languages were pulled together to make a new query language, and the way in which Quilt queries can combine information from diverse data sources into a query result with a new structure of its own.

Quilt has been presented as a proposal to the W3C XML Query Working Group, and that group has adopted Quilt as the basis for development of a new language called XQuery . Development work is now focused on XQuery rather than on the Quilt proposal.

Papers and Presentations

This is the most recent and complete paper on Quilt:

Quilt is also described in the following paper:

Here's a set of slides about Quilt:

Meet the Quilters

Here are the people who are responsible for the definition of the Quilt language (in reverse alphabetic order):

Photo of Jonathan Robie Jonathan Robie
email: jonathan.robie@datadirect-technologies.com
Photo of Daniela Florescu Daniela Florescu
email: danielaf@bea.com
Photo of Don Chamberlin Don Chamberlin
email: chamberlin@almaden.ibm.com