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  An early version of the PowerGlove   Thomas Zimmerman
  An early version of the PowerGlove.
(Photo: Linda Jacobs)
  The DataGlove.

Fantasy Is The Mother Of Invention

The dataglove started as a project in the last 1970's with my friend Sam Wantman to build an electronic air guitar so we could play just like Jimi. I also experimented with wiring dancers with bend sensors so their motions would create sound.

Personal Area Network (PAN)

I'm currently working on a Personal Area Network (PAN). Body mounted devices (e.g.; watches, wallets) that digitally communicate through the human body using electric fields.

Matthew Daniel Zimmerman

I hear that children smile an average of 75 times a day while adults only three.

Matthew was born Dec. 1, 1994. Smile!

To reach me: email to

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