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IBM Research

Content Management Application Framework

Computer Science


The goal of the Content Mangement Application Framework project is to build tools for rapid development of Content Management (CM) applications. CM application development lifecycle involves several different roles in an enterprise: the business analyst defines the overall process model, the data architect defines the schema, and the application developer develops and tests the applications. To create a rapid application development environment for CM, the tools for the different roles must interoperate; an integrated tooling environment for CM would result in an easier to use CM system. This has been an important requirement for business partners and customer alike. The figure below shows the four roles together with the activity and function supported.

Tooling image

With this overall vision for CM tooling, the Data Architect supporting visual modeling is the first component we have developed. We are actively exploring the The CM Business Analyst and Web Developer tools that will complement the Data Architect to give a total application building experience.

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