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Content Management Application Framework

 Data Architect

Data Architect for DB2 Content Manager consists of visual data-modeling tools and infrastructure for creating reusable model assets for DB2 CM applications. This environment allows definition and customization of a data model for specific CM applications. The benefits of this environment are:

  • intuitive and visual data modeling
  • forward and reverse engineering of the CM data model
  • ability to create a catalog of reference models for specific domains
  • ability to generate Web publication for the CM data models
  • ability to support disconnected mode functionality for creating CM data models

This environment also serves as a data model migration infrastructure, which is often necessary for real-world CM applications where data models must be moved from a development system to a test system and finally to a production system.

The fundamental value derived is the ability for CM administrators as well as developers to easily create data models for CM. The forward and reverse engineering functionality allows users to persist their models on the CM server when they synchronize with the server. The project files related to the CM data models become reusable assets that can be shared and reused over time.

How does it work?

This technology works as a set of Eclipse plug-ins to the base IBM Rational Architect product for visual UML modeling. The plug-ins support an explorer and a graphical interface for the creation of CM data models. The plug-ins also invoke DB2 Content Manager system administrator APIs undercover in order to synchronize on the server.

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