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Hippocratic Database (HDB) Technology Projects


Hippocratic Database (HDB) technology, which respects the privacy of data it manages. HDB is application and database agnostic technology that allows current business operations to proceed with minimal or no changes to existing systems, while ensuring that disclosure concerns (i.e. privacy policy, security policy, legislation, etc.) are not an issue. The technology is applicable to any industry with disclosure management concerns (e.g. Healthcare, Finance, Government, etc.). Currently, the technology set includes:

  • Active Enforcement - automates cell-level, policy-based disclosure management such that databases only return data that is consistent with company policies, applicable legislation, and customer preferences
  • Compliance Auditing - records all queries and changes to the database and uses this information to construct detailed audit trails that specify the user, recipient, purpose, time, and exact (cell-level) information disclosed for any particular database query
  • Sovereign Information Integration (formerly Secure Information Sharing and Sovereign Information Sharing) - allows two parties to share information about intersections between data sets without compromising the privacy or security of the remaining data
  • Download content in pdf formatPrivacy-preserving data mining - preserves privacy at the individual level, while still allowing accurate data mining models at the aggregate level.
  • Download content in pdf formatDatabase Watermarking - allows one to deter data theft and assert ownership rights over pirated copies.
  • Download content in pdf formatOrder Preserving Encryption - enabling database systems to execute queries over encrypted data without incurring significant performance hit or unnecessary cryptographic calls and still being able ot utilize the existing database functionality
  • Download content in pdf formatBA k-anonymity - enabling optimized data de-identification resistant to data linkage attacks

Our current extensions to the HDB technology suite are Query Ranking and Sticky Policy Enforcement.

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